Abhyangam (Ayurveda & Refreshing Massage)


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Product Description

Abhyangam (Ayurveda & Refreshing Massage)

Ayurveda includes a body refreshing massage is Abhyangam. It’s an entire body massage and extremely effective. Also an outstanding Ayurveda massage within Kerala. It ensures relax and refreshment to body.

Product Description

Abhyangam is performed by trained therapist on a specially designed wooden table. It’s a soothing and refreshing full body massage. medicated herbal oils by 1 therapists in a very syn-chronic manner for 45 minutes. The number of strokes and pressure vary with the condition of the individual. This massage purpose is done daily to stop ageing and degeneration. This therapy not only will treat the complete body physically as well as mentally. In fact helps to reduce joints and muscles from stiffness. It also helps in releasing body movements. Due to this treatment increase blood circulation. It relief to diseases like anxiety, fatigue, arthritic issues, back aches and injuries. medicated oils run into the body and nourish from inside.

Additional Information


Full Body Massage (60min), Full Body Massage (60 min)+Head Massage (15 min)

Special Feature

Spa Kit Available
(Music system, scented diffuser, flower leaves etc), Different types of Oil, Disposable Wear and Bed)


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