Balinese massage

Balinese Massage


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Balinese massage therapy is connected with spiritual wellness the essential oils are diffused to have aromatic effect in massage room or the area of massage to built a aromatic environment. It’s a great massage for those looking to feel a lot calmer and more relaxed.


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Product Description

Balinese Massage Therapy

first of all Balinese massage therapy is connected with spiritual welfare. The essential oils are subtle to possess aromatic result in massage room. It’s an excellent massage for those trying to feel plenty calmer and a lot of relaxed.

Product Description

Mind-Body-soul healing Balinese massage therapy

If you’re thinking to stimulate your holistic and spiritual sides together with mind and body rejuvenation, then it’s time to undertake Balinese massage therapy. This is that the therapy to go for, particularly when feeling low on physical and mental aspect. it’s best to pay time peaceful because of experiencing emotional loss.

Above all this therapy with perfectly trained Balinese therapist and also able to provide you with soulful expertise at your doorstep. No doubt Balinese massage is a lot of  holistic and spiritual sides.

Origin of Balinese massage

On the other hand this therapy has its root in Bali province of Indonesia and with influence from Indian, Chinese and a few Asian ancient massage systems.

Technique and advantages

Balinese massage therapy consists of techniques of treatment, aromatherapy, stretching, thumbing and reflexology. Typical massage oil is used, which may also be volatile oil.

Deep-tissue work is concentrated for a better level of relaxation. 1st timers might experience slightly additional pain than other therapies. In fact Balinese massage therapist use a lot of closed hand techniques together with kneading movements. These are really helpful for muscles knots and tightness. Due to use of essential oils for massage and aromatic therapy sets a spirited mood post massage.

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Full Body Massage (60 min), Full body + Head (75 min)

Special Feature

Spa Kit Available
(Music system, scented diffusor, flower leaves etc), Different types of Oil, Disposable Wear and Bed*)


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