Geriatric Massage Therapy

Geriatric Massage Therapy


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Geriatric massage therapy- a complete elderly care. The Geriatric Massage therapy is a massage way to pamper elderly people helping them to age gracefully. Keeping this in mind, our work force have specialist of geriatric massagers to give pampering massage to elderly ones.


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Product Description

Geriatric massage therapy – a whole elderly care

The Geriatric Massage therapy may be a massage way to coddle old folks serving to them to age graciously. Keeping this in mind, our hands have specialist of geriatric therapist to offer pampering massage to old ones.

Product Description

If thinking of massage for a few one older in house or if you’re an elder one who likes to get massage, the Geriatric massage therapy is ideal and that we can give it at your home. thus no hassles to travel and to urge exhausted.

What is Geriatric massage therapy?

In Geriatric massage therapy the physical therapist applies massage techniques gently and gently, the intention is to avoid any in-comfort.  We deliver a smoothness feeling to consumer as ageing makes skin uninteresting with wrinkles. This massage medical aid includes passive stretching. The massage is light-weight.

At most care is taken by physical therapist whereas asking elder folks to require a grip on massage table as this can be the world that counts for comfort.


Besides common advantages of decreasing muscle stiffness and increasing blood circulation, Geriatric massage therapy relives from swelling if any and acts to treat several unwanted conditions that someone develops in over age. In fact, recent scientific researchers have found positive healing effects of Geriatric massage therapy in sleep rising, lowering pressure level and fast recover of elder’s post-surgery.

So why wait, get a geriatric massage. Choose us and our specialist are going to be there in time.

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Full Body Massage (60 min), Full body + Head (75 min)

Special Feature

Spa Kit Available
(Music system, scented diffuser, flower leaves etc), Different types of Oil, Disposable Wear and Bed*)


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