Olive Oil Massage

Olive Oil Massage


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Olive oil Massage, a unique way for relaxing massage is for rejuvenating, it is for healing, for gaining soulful joy.Olive oil helps to relieve pain, aches and muscle spasms.


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Product Description

Olive oil Massage

Olive oil Massage, a singular method for restful massage is for rejuvenating, it’s for healing, for gaining soulful joy. It helps to alleviate pain, aches and muscle spasms, improve the blood circulation. Olive oil conjointly has several tropical healthful Properties. Olive oil massage is suggested in swelling, gout, joint pains and sprains.

Product Description

Olive Oil is enrich source of vitamins A, B D E and K. olive oil is additionally a natural face moisturizer.

There are number of benefits of Olive oil massage for your Skin and health also.

Its not only make your skin healthy even also help in to reduce sun burn. Due to olive oil massage your body get relief of pain, stress, puffiness, stiffness neck, shoulder and back. It also fight with skin ageing problem not even this massage also helps in reduce stretch marks and hydrate your skin. As well as it also beneficial for hairs like removing dandruff. Olive oil massage helps in insomnia and  sleeping disorder problems for the better sleep.

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Full Body Massage (60 min), Full body + Head (75 min)

Special Feature

Spa Kit Available
(Music system, scented diffuser, flower leaves etc), Different types of Oil, Disposable Wear and Bed*)


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