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Sports Massage


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Sports massage therapy is a massage therapy toward sports man like athletes, cricketers, footballers, joggers etc. The detail of the sports massage technique are specific and focused as per the type of sports.


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Product Description

Sports massage therapy

Sports massage therapy is for sports man like joggers, footballers, cricketers, athletes etc. The main points of the sports massage technique are specific as per the kind of sports.

Product Description

Specializing in areas of the body that are overused and stressed from repetitive and infrequently aggressive movements.

Its not only helps in blood circulation but also remove muscles tightness. It also reduce pain from the body. Due to sports therapy muscles starts feeling relaxation and kind of flexibility. It is useful for the sports man and women whether they are injured or not. Sports massage especially relevant for sports person. As a result it enhance the performance of sports person. We consider this therapy to all sports person at their home. on the other hand this massage is also helping to prevent injuries, if sportsman getting this massage regularly. Even though non-athletes can also go for this therapy. It is truly pain and stress relief massage.

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Full Body Massage (60 min), Full body + Head (75 min)

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Spa Kit Available
(Music system, scented diffuser, flower leaves etc), Different types of Oil, Disposable Wear and Bed*)


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